A great day to BE...to BE muddy, to BE fit, to BE challenged, to BE BEasts together as a team!

Yesterday Body Engineering completed its first, of many to come, team run!  We chose the Warrior Dash Wisconsin as our first trial.  We completed the race with flying colors!!  Were we the first through the course??  No.  Were we the most determined BEasts out there, and did we complete the race as a team?  Yes!  I have nothing but praise for our members who came out to the run!  No one was left behind, teamwork was everywhere, and the encouragement even went beyond our own team!  Seeing our members cheering on others, as well as our own team is what we're all about.  

Our members rose to the challenge, and every one of us got full of mud, full of confidence, quite a few height phobias were not just overcome, they were vanquished.  People who, less than a year ago, could not even think about taking a 1 mile walk were running through muddy fields, conquering obstacles, and killing a 5K like it was a walk in the park.  This kind of camaraderie and these kinds of advancements in personal fitness are what make Body Engineering a positive engine of change in people's lives.  It's a blessing to be involved in the lives of my members, and to watch them on their journeys!  I look forward to the next challenge, both within our walls, and out in the field.