That was me.  Two years ago (March 2015).  I had decided to start taking control of my fitness.  I started with “Insanity” and Shaun T.  I followed the workouts and eating plan as prescribed, and lost some weight over the six-week course (about ten pounds).  I had “some” muscle gain, and gained some endurance.  I learned that six days a week was definitely doable, and produced results.  I tried to go for another round of “Insanity” but quickly got bored.  It was the same “class” same routine, same “jokes,” and Tanya never got tired…or any older!  My weight started to creep back up.  I tried Isagenix.  I did not work out, I lost a fair amount of weight…about 15 pounds, and maybe a clothing size.  The program was somewhat easy to follow, but the price and the ultimate results were not spectacular enough to continue it.  I remained the same weight for a good six months.  Then I had some personal issues that caused me to gain even more weight. (For any of you like me…I’m an emotional eater!).  I had heard that Body Engineering was opening up…at the end of August 2016 I contacted Ryan about what he offered there, and about joining.  That was the BEST move of my life.  I started going to boot camps, I have gained endurance, gained muscle strength (but I don’t look like a body builder!), gained confidence, gained friends, gained a place in a fitness family, I have gained the admiration of my children and have become a good role model of health.   I have gained so much!  As far as what I have lost, I am down over 30 pounds from that first photo, I am down five clothing sizes from the first photo, four of those sizes were thanks to my Boot Camps at Body Engineering!  I have lost my boredom  during workouts…once you have taken a class with Ryan or Josiah, you will learn that Shaun T. has nothing on them!  Class is always fresh, new and different.  There are so many options!!  I absolutely love the boot camps, and very soon I am going to start personal training!  At Body Engineering fitness is not a chore, it is a fun, healthy part of life, and something to look forward to everyday!

MY Testimonial: Lisa I

Lisa I Before pic
Lisa I After